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Why Does Car Take So Long To Start?

Occasionally a car takes a while to start, especially in the freezing weather. This is a very frequent occurrence in the winter, and there is no problem with your automobile.

Nevertheless, if your vehicle takes more than 5 to 10 seconds to start and the weather is not cold, your car might have an issue. In today’s blog, we will aid you in figuring out why my car is not starting in Ontario, Canada.

Why Does Car Take So Long To Start?

Here are the most common causes why your car has trouble starting.

  • Worn-Out Spark Plugs

With time, spark plugs wear out. If you don’t replace them, they ultimately won’t spark the fashion they should. If this transpires, the engine may function poorly, or the spark may be inadequate to start the engine.

To resolve this issue, you should change the spark plugs every 30,000 to 100,000 miles.

  • Slow Battery

While the car won’t start in the cold is a frequent problem associated with starting a vehicle, extreme cold can impact your automobile battery.

If your battery is slow, your vehicle may take a long time to start. A motor battery generates electrons through many chemical reactions.

However, when the whole procedure is slow, there are lesser electrons that supply sufficient energy to the car’s starter. You can experience an identical problem with a dying battery.

  • Low Level Of Oil

If your car won’t start, but the battery is good, you may have a low fluid level in your car. You should keep the oil tank full or at least half full during the winter. Low temperatures can easily condense a smaller quantity of oil than a full container.

So, if the oil level gets extremely low, the fuel line may freeze due to condensation, inhibiting the fuel supply to the engine. The outcome is car won’t start after getting gas.

  • Bad Starter

Your automobile’s starter harnesses the battery’s power. Once you put the vehicle key in the ignition switch and turn it, the bad starter symptoms will crank the engine, permitting the piston to produce a suction that pulls in the air and fuel to blend into the cylinder.

Your vehicle may take a long time to start due to the signs of a bad starter. The starter may not be doing anything or working slowly due to various problems. It may be time to replace the starter or visit a mechanic to know what the problem is.

  • Bad Wiring

The clicking noise when starting the car can be due to bad wiring. Your starter needs two wires to function appropriately. The big wire runs straight from your battery and forever delivers energy to the starter.

The small wire is an indicator from when your turn the car key, informing the starter to engage and utilize all the energy available from the battery.

If any of these wires are making a bad link or have become rusted or damaged, they can give a weak signal or inadequate energy for your vehicle to start. Often, this problem makes your car struggles to start, but it runs fine.


There are many reasons for car rattling when starting. If your car is not starting after multiple tries, take it to a mechanic. Besides, if you want to earn a good amount by selling your junk vehicle, contact Scrapy Motors and earn some instant cash against your scrap.

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