Reasons for Car Not Starting

Why Won’t My Car Start?

It can be distressing and inconvenient if your car won’t start, but the lights come on.

You take advantage of it to drive to work, take your children to school, get groceries, travel outside the city, and much more.

So, it is a huge pain when it fails to start suddenly. There are various reasons for a car not starting, but some are more prevalent than others.

Below are four reasons why your car won’t start with a new battery in Ontario and some vehicle tips for beginners to guarantee your vehicle stays in tip-top condition.

4 Reasons for Car Not Starting

These are the most prevalent reasons why your automobile won’t start.

1. Bad Alternator

The alternator is a generator that distributes power to the vehicle and recharges the battery.

If your car won’t start with a new battery, odds are your alternator is bad.

These are the signs that indicate there is a problem with your alternator.

  • You smell something unpleasant because the alternator operates with belts.
  • You are experiencing issues with the stereo system output.
  • The dome light may start bright and then dim.
  • The dashboard car battery light may turn on.

Have a professional examine your vehicle because if the alternator is bad, you will need to replace it.

Sometimes, it can impair the vehicle battery, so get it inspected as early as possible.

2. Bad Timing Belt

The timing belt is responsible for guaranteeing the valves of the car engine open and close at the appropriate interval so that the pistons and valves never touch.

It is the most significant maintenance product in your vehicle engine.

This internal engine component can cause catastrophic engine damage, requiring the replacement of the engine.

The timing belt is typically replaced based on mileage. Usually, the interval is every five years or 60,000 miles.

3. Defective Ignition Switch

If your car cranks but won’t start and the battery is functioning properly, the ignition switch can be the culprit.

You can attempt to narrow down the reason for your problem by turning on your automobile’s headlights.

The battery controls the dashboard and headlights.

Your Car Will Show These Signs If There Is A Problem With The Ignition Switch.

  • The vehicle won’t start
  • The dashboard will flicker
  • No noise will come from the ignition system or starter motor
  • The key won’t turn
  • The instrument panel will not light up

The best approach to deal with a defective ignition switch is to carry a lightweight keychain with fewer keys.

A heavyweight keychain stresses the switch when you push the car keys because it is just behind the ignition lock cylinder.

Furthermore, you can hire an auto repair expert to get it fixed immediately.

4. Dead Battery

The biggest reason behind a car not starting in cold is a dead battery. The battery can die due to several reasons.

Possibly, you have kept your vehicle in storage for a long period, or there is a fault with the battery components.

The best way to deal with this issue is to keep the jumper cable in your vehicle.

Check your owner manual if you don’t know how to start a car with a jumper cable.


So, these are the common causes why a car won’t start but lights come on.

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