Why Does My Car Sound Like An Airplane?

Why Does My Car Sound Like An Airplane?

You need to be cautious if your automobile makes strange noises, especially if it noises like an airplane taking off.

Unless it has a jet engine beneath its bonnet, you can have a severe issue that requires attention immediately. If you witness a car making noise when accelerating or changing gears, this is something that you need to look at as soon as possible.

Your engine’s loud sounds should be distressing, so you need to know what’s happening. In today’s guide, we will inform you about why my car sounds louder than usual in Ontario, Canada.

Why does My Car sound Like Airplane?

If you are wondering why my car makes a squealing noise when driving, here are the causes.

  • Bad Wheels

Bad wheels may be liable for the airplane noise your car produces. Since the highway surface and wheel make contact unevenly, uneven wear grows and causes high-pitched noise.

The wheels produce audible sounds when driving because the depth of the tread is not even. Alignment problems may also be the reason for wheel sound.

The air chamber will generate a roaring or humming noise while driving. If your vehicle tires are misaligned, a rough ride becomes more noticeable. This will make the wheel move unevenly and increase the noise arriving from the air chamber.

  • Damaged Wheel Bearings

The primary purposes of car bearings are to enhance load capacity, reduce friction, and position gyrating equipment.

If the bearings’ lubricant deteriorates and the bearings’ balls are impaired or dry, they will generate a high-pitched squeal from the car when moving.

If this issue persists for a prolonged duration and is not resolved, it may enhance the friction when your automobile is moving, create excessive heat, and ultimately damage engine parts.

  • Aftermarket Components And Engine Issues

Another cause of the humming noise in the car getting louder with speed is aftermarket components. Any component that has been added to your vehicle that is not from the actual manufacturer is an aftermarket component.

Such components can be utilized in various ways. They can work for your automobile but are not optimal for your motor.

If you have recently utilized them, you should take your motor to a mechanic for a thorough inspection. He can fix the problem of squealing noise when driving with your wagon.

  • Cooling Fan

The most prevalent reason why a car rattles when accelerating is a cooling fan. The fan inhibits the vehicle from overheating.

If it has an issue, it can produce a sound while spinning. Perhaps one of the fan’s blades is bent. A bent blade will strike continuously off to something else and will produce an awful noise.

So, you should troubleshoot the blade or purchase a new cooling fan if required. If the radiator fan is not functioning, you can have a hazard of overheating the car engine. This will cause numerous problems.

  • Transmission Issues

The transmission is another potential perpetrator for airplane-like sounds. If your car is running in inaccurate gear, it can produce a loud sound.

It will not only be annoying but can also severely damage your automobile if not fixed.


So, these are the major issues that can cause your car sounds like an airplane. If your vehicle makes high-pitched sounds, take it to a mechanic immediately. If you want to sell your scrap van or truck at good rates, contact Scrapy Motors today.

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