How To Clean Cup Holders In Car?

How To Clean Cup Holders In Car?

Cup holders for the car are often utilized for holding drinks and other things; they are susceptible to acquire stains, dirt, and spills. So, you should pay particular attention to them.

In this blog, we will dig deeper into how to clean a cup holder in the car and how to remove dirt from the vehicle. So, let’s start.

How To Eliminate Dirt And Crumbs From Cup Holders?

Getting rid of dirt and crumbs from the cup holders is very easy. Below are a few techniques that you can utilize depending on your inclination.

  • Vacuum

Using a shop vac to remove crumbs from the cup holders is an effective and straightforward approach. It won’t get them wholly clean, but it will eliminate the dirt and debris.

Remove any rubbish, coins, etc. that may be sitting in them. If your cup holders have rubber inserts or liners, remove them before using a vacuum.

After removing the trash and debris from them, clean out as much dust and crumbs as possible with a vacuum. Avoid rubbing the vacuum inlet inside the cup holders to prevent causing surface scratches.

  • Cleaning Slime

Cleaning slime is an excellent substitute technique for using a vacuum. This sticky gel-like substance will stick to and collect loose fragments and dirt.

It won’t eradicate sticky scum and oils, and dried spills. Spray the cup holder with a cleaner, and then use a detailing brush to scrub it to break down any reminder and adhered oils.

After scrubbing them, wipe them out with a cloth to absorb the cleaner and eradicate any residue from the inside.

How To Clean Sticky Cup Holder In Car?

Follow these methods for cleaning car cup holders.

  • Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaner is a remarkable tool for expert detailers. It works more effectively and swifter and needs slight to no scrubbing.

Hot steam will break down dried spills and sticky oils or dirt easily and fast.

You can then utilize a microfiber cloth to wipe out the clean car dashboard and cup holders to eliminate the collected dampness and marks.

  • All-Purpose Cleaner

Spray the cup holders with a foaming or liquid cleaner. Scrub the cup holders with a detailing brush to eliminate any remaining dirt, drink spills, etc.

Using a microfiber cloth, wipe away the all-purpose cleaner. Use the cloth to deep clean car areas that have not been wholly cleaned with the detailing brush.

Repeat the procedure if required to clean any spots that may have been missed.

  • Warm Water And Dish Soap

Using warm water and dish soap is another excellent way of car deep cleaning in Ontario, Canada.

You can dip a clean rag in the mild soap and water mixture, put soapy water in a bottle, and commence scrubbing the cup holder.

The water’s hotness, soap’s cleaning action, and scrubbing’s friction should eradicate stickiness and dirt very well.

You can use car interior cleaning products if there are stubborn stains.


Whether dealing with dirt, crumbs, or adhesiveness from spilled drinks, you are now equipped with the knowledge to make the car interior cleaning process easier and faster. Follow ScrapyMotors for more car cleaning tips.

Driving modes allow you to drive and handle the auto in several ways

What Are The Different Driving Modes?

Whether you possess an SUV or a sports car, most contemporary automobiles are outfitted with a drive mode selector that permits you to adjust the car’s driving dynamic.

Car driving modes can differ based on the car’s model, make, and general purpose. Remember, not all vehicles are furnished with drive modes.

In today’s article, we will notify you about different driving modes that you will bump into with a general breakdown of what sports modes do.

What Are Driving Modes In Ontario, Canada?

Diverse road conditions require automobiles’ different driving characteristics. Also, we all have different driving styles and need to adjust to the road conditions.

Some of us prefer a sporty drive, whereas others want a comfortable drive. The state-of-the-art vehicles can provide different car performance ranges according to the driver’s requirement.

These vehicles provide driving modes to alter your motor’s driving character. The driving modes also change the traction control, throttle reaction, suspension rigidity, etc.

The older cars had a single driving mode: drive. The modes allow you to drive and handle the auto in several ways.

5 Common Car Driving Modes

Modern cars offer the following driving modes:

  • Sport

Are you speculating, “What does sport mode do, and does sport mode use more gas”?

This mode is for an extra aggressive and exhilarating driving experience.

It offers a swifter throttle reaction for a sporty drive. When you activate it, the throttle response intensifies.

Nonetheless, the suspension will stiffen up, and the steering will become heavier for an improved feel. The downside of sport mode is that it uses more gas.

  • Smart

Some vehicles feature smart mode, which keeps an eye on your driving style. It constantly switches through the car’s comfort, sport, and eco mode.

It also offers a seamless balance between fuel economy, effective functioning, and performance.

This mode comprehends and foresees the driver’s steering inclinations and changes the car’s functioning accordingly.

  • Eco

Are you thinking, “How does eco mode work, and does eco mode save gas? This model is designed for fuel efficiency.

It generally lowers throttle response and confines the maximum power available to save gas.

The car will feel slower in this mode. Sports cars often don’t have an economy mode.

  • Snow/Winter

Snow or winter mode guarantees improved traction. The traction control will be enhanced for low-grip conditions.

Automatic vehicles often pull away in second gear, reducing the possibility of obtaining wheelspin and losing traction control.

It softens the power distribution to the wheels and makes them less likely to lose clasp under acceleration.

  • Comfort

Comfort mode makes the automobile feel neutral for long highway jaunts. It is generally the default driving mode for cars outfitted with diverse modes.

It delivers a smooth commuter experience from the suspension change to steering response. If you suffer from car sickness, this mode is perfect for you.


Driving modes provide automobiles with diverse characters for diverse circumstances.

They permit drivers of regular cars to add some thrill to their driving by giving their automobiles a sporty feel.

They are useful for enhancing performance and fuel economy. Besides, if you want to get paid for your scrap car, contact Scrapy Motors today.

Used car in Canada

Tips for finding the cheap and used car in Canada

As the fuel prices increase and the car prices are taking a toll, too, it is not easy for everyone to get a top-notch and brand-new vehicle.

So, most people go out to find cheap cars. However, being unaware of the basic requirements, there is a high chance you might end up dealing with scammers.

To help you get an affordable vehicle, here are the tips for finding the best one.

What to look for in a used car while purchasing it?

Although buying a used car may come with more difficulties, it is still a popular choice for drivers in Ontario if they find a vehicle in good condition.

A great first step in purchasing a used vehicle is asking for advice. Below, we’ve put together this used car buying guide with tips and important things to consider as a service to you.

This guide will answer all your questions regarding how and where to find cheap cars.

What is the best mileage for a used car?

It would be ideal for a used car with between 50,000 and 100,000 miles on it. You should limit yourself to the 15,000–25,000 annual miles people drive.

Anything over 120,000 can be problematic because many parts either need to be replaced or could break around that time. Before buying low mileage used cars, find out if it has been properly maintained, and consider haggling with the dealer for a tune-up or Car maintenance package.

Should I pay cash for a car?

Owning a vehicle outright with no payments is undoubtedly appealing. However, buying a used car with cash is rarely a smart move.

  • The majority of automatic vehicles or other car buyers don’t have that much cash on hand.
  • Even if you have the money to purchase a vehicle, an unforeseen expense could put you in a precarious financial situation.
  • With a modest investment, your money could generate more income than you would typically pay in interest.

The majority of used car buyers will find that making payments on a pre-owned car loan is the better choice.

How should you perform a proper test drive?

A 30-minute test drive is necessary to assess how a vehicle performs in a practical situation. Plan a route you are familiar with and practice taking common driving actions like braking, shifting into the park, turning, accelerating, merging, and changing lanes. Discover the car’s accessories and make sure they function.

How to negotiate a used car?

Eventually, it’s time to negotiate if you’ve found a car you want to buy. The first rule is always to try negotiating even if you find good quality vehicles for sale. Remember that the demanding price is never the final price paid by the person selling a car. There’s a reason it’s referred to as an asking price.

  • Know the vehicle’s current market value
  • Consider value for the price
  • Know your budget
  • Eliminate emotion
  • Don’t be afraid to counter-offer
  • Avoid making a rash decision
  • Be prepared to walk away

Bottom Line

Do not go astray with the embellishments given by a seller. Look deep into a car’s details when looking for affordable used cars in Ontario.

Moreover, pay attention to the crucial requirements, such as used cars with low mileage; they can be an excellent option for you. If you are really into it, Scrapy motors have some amazing used cars to sell and we also buy junk cars. Just reach out to get more information.

MINI Cooper models

An Ultimate Guide – Who Makes Mini Cooper Cars

Mini cooper’s electric car is one of the most iconic cars everyone loves, regardless of age. These fun-looking cars come with loads of personality.

But the question is, who makes mini cooper cars, and is it a German or British car? You might have conjectured that Mini is a British company as you might have viewed it with a Union Jack Flag.

Yes, the auto manufacturer has British origins, but currently, it is owned by a German automaker, BMW. BMW Group produces Mini Cooper models in two plants, one in the Netherlands and another in England.

BMW bought the Mini Company in 2000. Mini’s brand identity is still British. You can notice it when Mini is advertised in print advertisements or on television.

V8 Mini Cooper is a distinctive car but does not share many components with other BMW models.

History of Mini

The name Mini was initially utilized on Austin Mini and Morris Mini, identical cars with diverse branding.

After World War 2, the fuel rates were shooting up, and Mini became the most sought-after automobile due to its lowest running cost.

Both companies, Morris and Austin, were possessed by British Leyland. With this model’s success, the mini cooper automatic transmission became a brand in 1969.

Resources of both brands combined to become the marque: Mini. Mini remained popular for several years. In 1996, the brand released a new generation of Mini, which was in the making till 2000.

BMW Group had already bought the Mini Company from Rover Group in 1996. In 1986, British Leyland was retitled Rover Group.

The German automaker saw potential in Mini and allocated engineers to develop a next-generation Mini. 2001 Mini, which was manufactured under BMW, was a major step up in technology.

Over time, BMW has expanded its assortment of models and included diverse body styles like Clubman, Convertible, and Countryman.

Now, you can have a 2-door, 4-door, convertible, or a crossover mini in diesel or petrol engine option. The research and manufacturing of Mini happen at BMW’s head office in Munich, Germany.

Are Mini Coopers Good Cars?

People love Mini Cooper for its unparalleled driving dynamics, personality, and fun style. But, are Minis good cars?

It has a long history of dependability problems, especially in the 2006-2012 models. The potential problems were chiefly related to suspension, electrical systems, engine, and driving systems.

According to consumer reports, the 2006 to 2012 models received the lowest dependability rating. Also, the mini cooper accessories and repairs are very costly in Ontario, Canada.

So, if you are planning to purchase used cars in the Canadian market, avoid buying a car from the 2006-2012 period as it could be risky.


Mini cooper cars are trendy automobiles with a distinctive, attention-grabbing style.

Since they come with complex designs and good performances, they are one of the best compact cars that folks prefer.

If you are seeking a car that is fun and exciting to drive, Mini is worth looking at. Follow Scrapy Motors for Car tips and used car parts in Canada. And if you want to switch from your current car to a Mini cooper, sell your junk car to Scrapy Motors at good prices.