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A Guide on How to Utilize Drive-through Car Wash

If you don’t aspire to deal with the arduous, time-consuming procedure of manually washing your automobile, you can opt for a touchless drive-through car wash.

Many vehicle owners prefer to drive through a car wash because it is fast, saves time, and cleans your vehicle immaculately.

On top of it, it is one of the most environment-friendly options.

However, if you have no clue how to utilize a drive-in car wash, don’t worry because this is what we will discuss in this guide.

Step-By-Step Guidelines On How To Drive Through Car Wash In Ontario, Canada

Using a self-service car wash is not intricate. You need to adhere to the steps below.

●    Discover A Car Wash

You can easily discover automatic vehicle washes at petrol stations.

Some petrol stations also offer discounts on Canada auto wash services to folks who purchase fuel from them.

You might also find some standalone automobile wash businesses. Try to find a vehicle wash near your locality and know their rates.

●    Choose Touchless, Brushless, Or Soft-Touch Car Washes For New Vehicles

These processes don’t utilize rough brushes. Latest vehicles have a clear coating thin layer on the base paint, making them more susceptible to impairments that can’t be buffed out.

Older automobiles don’t have a clear coating. They only have single-stage paint so that they can stand abrasive brushes.

●    Make The Payment

Automatic car washes usually will be self-service or accept cash or credit card via a machine.

Otherwise, you will have to head to the cashier’s counter or inside the garage.

Car washes offer various packages for different needs, such as a simple car wash machine or car wash with supplementary services like tire detailing, wax coating, etc.

Choose one that suits your budget and requirements, and then pay for it.

●    Enter The Car Wash

First, shut your vehicle, such as open doors or windows, as they could lead to soaked interior and travelers.

Also, shut off the automatic wipers because they could interfere with the brushes of the car wash with vacuum and damage the vehicle wash and your wipers.

Vehicle washes have some type of indicator of where you should place your vehicle.

Some have lighting to inform you that your automobile is appropriately placed.

After positioning, place your vehicle into “park” for automatic cars and “neutral” for manual cars. Also, turn off the engine.

●    Wait For The vehicle Cleaning In Winter To Start

When the vehicle wash begins, you may feel your automobile start to vibrate or move slightly.

Don’t do anything; just kick back, and wait for it to be washed.

If you notice any water entering the vehicle, double-check the windows and doors and shut them.

●    Exit The Car Wash

When the vehicle wash completes, you will be alerted by a signal or light to inform you it is safe to leave.

Drive out slowly and warily if you use one alongside a gas station or garage, as vehicles could be driving across or obstructing the exit.


Knowing how to use the car wash in Ontario, Canada, will eliminate your concern and inhibit any issues when undergoing a car wash.

Just remember the steps mentioned above, and your vehicle wash will go smoothly. Follow Scrapy Motors for more car care tips and car scrap removal services.

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7 Cool Gadgets For Car That Will Make Your Life Easier

Our automobiles are much more than a mode of transportation for the majority of us.

They are our style statements and second home as we spend a considerable time in them regularly.

Therefore, it is essential to furnish your car with high-tech car gadgets and accessories for protection, comfort, and convenience while driving.

In today’s post, we will tell you about some must-have car accessories in Ontario, Canada, that are critical for improving your driving experience.

7 Coolest Car Accessories:

Here are the seven smart car gadgets that will keep your automobile on the go and ease your driving apprehensions.

·       Head-Up Display

A head-up display is one of the most useful and functional car travel accessories.

It is a clear screen that shows crucial information in your natural sightline, guaranteeing that you always keep your eyes on the road.

Most head-up displays project information such as speed, navigation directions, etc., onto the windshield.

However, some have a tiny, separate transparent screen installed on the driver’s side of the dash.

·       Jump Starter

The car battery problem can be infuriating. For that reason, a jump starter is one of the essential car gadgets for road trips.

When your vehicle refuses to start, you will need a jump starter.

This instrument is useful during winter when your vehicle battery stops functioning or when icy weather freezes your car engine.

Nowadays, jump starters come with additional automobile accessories to save your hard-earned money.

·       Interior Ambient Lighting

If you are willing to give your automobile’s interior a luxurious appearance, ambient lighting must be on top of your cool car interior accessories list.

There are countless ambient lighting choices that you can deploy in your vehicle.

You can install them below the seats and around the dashboard to lighten the cabin.

·       Portable Tire Inflator

A portable tire inflator is one of the most significant car trip accessories.

With this device, you won’t have to visit the gas station repeatedly to keep your tires’ pressures up to spec.

It comes in handy when you want to inflate or deflate your tires to improve movability.

You should also procure a tire pressure monitor to sense punctures easily and confirm that you forever have the correct amount of pressure.

·       Portable Power Bank

A portable power bank is one of the most critical car tech gadgets that can be your friend in emergencies.

It can help you to jump start your vehicle, charge your cellphone, and several other phone gadgets.

Some of them come with integrated LED flashlights and are rechargeable.

·       Parking Camera

Parking your automobile in crowded places is a difficult task.

A parking camera can protect you from acquiring dents on your vehicle.

Some car models have this feature; you can also purchase it separately and install it in your vehicle.

·       Bluetooth Transmitter

A Bluetooth transmitter is one of the cool things for your car that can swiftly link to your mobile and play music from your smartphone.

It allows you to enjoy hands-free calling with a built-in microphone.


These seven car gadgets in Ontario, Canada, are vital for you if you are serious about taking care of your car and enhancing your driving experience.

Besides, if you want to make money by selling your scrap car, contact Scrapy Motors.

best time to wash car in Canada

How Often Should You Wash Your Car?

Car cleaning can be a chore for some people, but some also take pleasure in washing it or cleaning it. If you are someone who enjoys washing, you might be questioning your obsession with washing it every 2 weeks.

Well, you are not wrong. This can be a basic rule. However, the answer to the question may also involve various factors. So, let’s see what factors you need to check before you schedule the routine for your car wash.

Factors to consider to know the best time to wash the car:

So, how often to wash the car?

The frequency of washing your car is not only about your obsession with your vehicle leaning but also depends on various other factors.

Frequency of driving the car

A simple rule you need to understand is the more miles you drive, the more you will need to clean your car.

If you are driving the highway or in many rural areas, your windshield and front grille will likely be covered in smashed bugs. You might need to wash or clean your vehicle every week.

Climate and temperature

Climate and air temperature are also significant factors. Snow and grit from the roadways can quickly erode and harm your paintwork in particularly cold climates. Here, you will need more frequent car washing in winter.

In highly hot regions, erosion can accelerate because pollutants’ compounds become more active in hot temperatures. So, in that case, you might still need to wash it every week.

Your location

It is also important to consider where you live and park your car. If it is parked on a busy road with a lot of traffic, it may pick up a load of dirt from the road. If you live near the water, your vehicle is almost certainly regularly covered in salt spray and debris.

Numerous other aspects can influence the vehicle’s cleanliness. As a result, you might want to start washing your vehicle more frequently.

If you have a question about washing a car in winter, you might consider the dirt your vehicle is gathering, which solely depends on your location.

How to wash the car – Just in 8 steps:

Well, you might be looking for car washing tips. No worries, if you follow the following steps, you are still good at washing your car independently.

  1. Fill two buckets with water and the soap, with dirt traps at the bottom.
  2. With the hose, rinse the car from top to bottom.
  3. Start washing the car from the top and work your way down the car with a lathered-up mitt.
  4. To avoid dry streaks and/or water stains, wash and rinse the automobile in quarters.
  5. Brush the wheels and then rinse them. Do this last since you don’t want brake dust, mud, or filth to get on your paint and ruin the enamel. If you wish to do them first, you can use a different brush or towel.
  6. Rinse the entire vehicle once again once all parts have been washed.
  7. Use a single towel to absorb most of the water in the automobile quickly.
  8. Dry the details with a second dry towel.

Well, if you are wondering how to clean car seats? Know that cleaning the seats is different. Depending on the covers, you might want to use different detergents and methods.

Bottom line

The most recommended option to wash the vehicle is every 2 weeks. However, if your conditions are unfavorable and the car demands more washing, you must do it every week. And if you don’t have time, you can always hire a professional for it.

But if you think your vehicle is beyond washing and you can earn some money from selling it, you can contact Scrapy Motors to help. We are the best of the Canadian Auto wreckers and pay the best price for used cars. Reach out now for more information.

common maintenance for cars

Signs That Your Car Needs TUNE UP

If you have been driving a car for years, you probably are aware of various tune-up signs already. But just in case you have missed something or are new to them that clearly signals the need for a car tune-up, we are here for you to guide you on it.

Ignoring the vehicle maintenance will only lead to major problems, and you might also end up selling your car for cash. Yes, it eventually happens but only after using the vehicle to its worth. You cannot simply neglect the basic maintenance and totally forget about the car tune-up checklist.

And to save you the trouble, here are some signs that you need to regulate common maintenance for cars.

Warning signs of a tune-up

There are various ways to know if your car needs a tune-up. However, the following signs are the clear reasons that you should maintain your vehicle.

The engine is not starting or making noise while starting

This is one of the most common signs, and most people already know it. One reason your vehicle’s engine is so difficult to start is the spark plugs.

They are either misfiring or worn out. You may repair this problem by changing them, but make sure you’ve taken care of the whole problem by taking your car to the technician for a routine engine tune-up.

Fuel mileage has been reduced

Fuel mileage is difficult to track without a gauge in your vehicle, but you should be able to detect when it drops significantly.

The efficiency of your emissions system, the smooth running of your engine, and even the way your car moves affect your vehicle’s fuel economy.

Because a drop in gas mileage might indicate a variety of issues, it’s critical to get your vehicle in for that long-overdue tune-up maintenance as soon as possible.

Warning lights turn on

When the dashboard lights up, it means something is wrong, but most people don’t think it’s significant and never think of car services at all. While this may be accurate at times, ignoring these warnings will soon escalate the situation.

It is better to get it checked on time by a well-renowned technician. After all, they only light up when the vehicle’s engine fails.

If an unfamiliar sign shows on your dashboard, consult your owner’s manual to determine its meaning.

Problems with Wires, hoses, belts

Hoses and belts transport power and fluids to a variety of critical vehicle systems. Both deteriorate over time, and some, like the timing belt, can cause significant internal damage if broken. All of your vehicle’s hoses and belts should be inspected and replaced regularly.

Some cables must also be replaced on a regular basis. If left unchecked, ignition wires, for example, can eventually wear down and fail, resulting in misfires, performance loss, and dead cylinders.

Bottom line

Ultimately, never miss these signs and always have a regular tune-up for the vehicle. Also, you can avail yourself of the car inspection services from the technician to diagnose any problems in advance and get the car maintenance on time.

This can also help you understand the worth of your car. So, in the case, shortly, you may think of selling your old vehicle for cash; early evaluation can help you understand.

And if not, then Scrapy Motors are always here to give you the best price for your junk vehicle at any time.