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What To Expect From a Junk Car Buyer?

The idea of a car dealer is great… until you are dumped in the middle of the road. So, what do you do now? Get yourself in touch with a junk car buyer. A junk car buyer is a service provider who is going to buy your wrecked or damaged car… without extra charges. So what can you exactly expect from a junk car buyer?


Easy to contact

There are many portals online that offer to sell junk cars, but they have a huge list of documents that are required just to reach the representatives. not with junk car buyers, they have the best and the easiest service in the whole of Ontario.

It is as easy as it should be. You have to call the representatives (the number is provided on the website) and you ask them to come to your place and help you get rid of your damaged car… that’s it!



It is one of the most important factors that is often overlooked when it comes to selling stuff, especially junk vehicles. It is obligatory for a junk car buyer to attend the call from the customer and arrive at the place at the fixed time without letting them wait because all the provided is easy selling from home.

The process is simple: you call their representatives, they proceed with all the protocol and they send a team to your house to monitor your junk car, and provide a quote for your car.


Phenomenal prices

Never let this thought come to your mind that if a junk car buyer is offering such exceptional service then they must be providing low prices. Not at all the prices provided by the junk car buyers are the same as the market price. It also depends on the condition, usability, and size of the vehicle.

As junk car buyers buy your damaged vehicle or old truck; the prices could vary from vehicle-to-vehicle but there will be one thing in common: the prices will be great and will be better than a car dealer’s price.


No paperwork required

This is certainly not possible in Ontario to sell a car without any paperwork. But with junk car buyers, you will be free from the hustle of collecting papers from different places to sell your stuff. Which is a great indicator that makes junk car buyers the best option to sell your wrecked cars.


So, what do you have to do when you have to do nothing?

A junk car buyer is a great service provider. So, you expect ease of use, discipline, no paperwork, and great prices from them. But above everything, there is a sense of trust amongst the people of Ontario when it comes to junk car buyers. The service providers are extremely humble and their motive is to help every house get rid of their old cars… so they can buy new vehicles. In the next few years, you will find more new cars in Ontario than there were ever before…

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What happens to used cars at Junk Car Removals?

Cars that end up being labeled as junk cars are either due to them having too many miles, being faulty, or having gone through a major accident.

Even though recycling of cars has been around since the 1930s, several auto wrecking companies are working tirelessly as they value the importance of reusing scrap parts now, more than ever before. Almost every component of a vehicle is recycled, Canada ends up saving 40 million barrels from oil alone each year whereas 14 trillion tons of steel is recycled globally by junk car removal services.

Recycling in Ontario, Canada

ScrapyMotors is a junk car removal service in Ontario for anyone looking to dispose of their scrap and wants to avoid all of the leg work hassles. Instead of opting for a used car buyer, you could sell your used car to auto wreckers who can give you cash for your salvage scrap and tow it to the local junkyard.

What happens to the used car after it is taken to the scrap yard?

After the used car is secured and towed to the scrapyard, the foremost responsibility is to clear out the toxic chemicals which are harmful to the environment and any living creature in contact with it. A typical car carries around five-to-ten gallons of this harmful liquid which is enough for damaging the wildlife and can cause severe health issues in humans.

You will decrease the amount of waste in the landfills as the environment would only be helped once the waste and pollution are reduced. Junk car removal is a pivotal way of avoiding continual damage being caused to the Earth as most parts the car contains are non-biodegradable if left alone, for instance, glass and rubber tires.

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure they say. So instead of letting rust settle in on your old vehicle, recycle it today for the good of the environment, make some dough while you are at it, and rest assured at the fact that your carbon footprint is reduced.

How can I play my part?

So be it old cars or unwanted damaged vehicles, contact ScrapyMotors today for our representatives to offer you cash and also tow it to the scrapyard at the company’s own expense. What are you waiting for now? Play your part for a better, cleaner future.

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Scrap Car Buyers Versus Car Dealers – what is better?

Change is the only thing consistent in your life. And it’s high time that you should change your car now! But what if it is really an old or damaged car? Who would buy an old and damaged vehicle? Scrapy Motors are the best option and in all means better than a car dealer. We have compared both of them below.

But, how is a ScrapyMotors better than car dealers?

There are various benefits of selling a wrecked car to us.


With Scrapymotors, you get rid of an old car almost immediately. However, a car dealer is slow in terms of services. Most sellers complain of poor customer service from car dealers, and their employees to be plain RUDE. However, we ensure that Junk Car Buyers have the friendliest of employees, and try to make our customers happy.


You might have to compromise on the price while selling your car to a car dealer. But with a junk car buyer, we make sure you get the BEST prices for your car, sometimes they are even more than your car’s worth.

Ease of use:

Can you wrap up the selling process in less than a week with a car dealer? Nay! But, you can certainly do it with the junk car buyers. Our employees are fast and caring. We care about your time and money. What an easy way to sell your wrecked car!

Can Junk Car Buyers pick up my car from my garage?

Anytime! All you have to do is to call us on our contact number, register yourself, inform us about your car, and share your address with us. We will be there in a matter of days.

Does Scrapy Motors buy trucks?

Do you own one? If you can buy a truck, why can’t we? We love to have trucks in our junkyard. Also, you don’t have to worry about towing service, because we will provide you that too.

And will Scrapy motors buy my green car?

No one wants in Ontario to buy your dark green colored car? Don’t worry, we, your junk car buyers in Ontario will buy it from you.

What is the best part about Scrapy motors?

We are UNBIASED who buy junk cars without being heedful about their color, brand, size, and condition. We would happily buy a small wrecked car, and would also give a towing service to your giant truck.

So, whenever anyone speaks of buying a new car but not being able to sell their old, poor and wrecked car, you tell them about us. We are all up for buying trucks and uncommon colored cars, without judging any of them.

Scrapy motors are the best Junk Car Buyers who will buy it. You can find us in Hampton, Mississauga, Milton, and almost every other city. Yes, we buy wrecked, damaged, or even the oldest of cars. But, we also love to have a new car too. Someday, maybe! Consult with our customer service provider to sell your car today.

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Benefits of Scrap Car Removal in Ontario

Do you want to remove a scrap car from your backyard, and no one wants to buy it? No worries, scrap car buyers come to the rescue!

Scrap car buyers are quick and easy. They come to inspect your car, complete the paperwork, propose a quote, and buy the car. It’s so simple that most of the people in Ontario are selling their junk cars to them. There are many reasons why scrap car removal is loved in Brampton and Mississauga.

What are the scrap cars?

The cars that you brought in the late 90’s, that are no longer used or a car with which you met an accident and is now wrecked badly falls into the category of scrap cars. They are no longer useful, could be in worse condition but still can be brought by a group of car buyers.

But, why should you sell your scrap car? The question is why shouldn’t you? There are loads of benefits for scrap car removal.

Instant cash:

It is true that this amount of cash won’t make you the richest man in Ontario, but it can do the job. You are literally making cash out of trash. Get rid of the car without any hassle, and get some instant cash. Some junk car buyers avoid buying big trucks, but we buy every kind of car, truck, or vehicle. Instant cash, that too hassle-free, is surely what is rare to find.

Easy selling:

Most people are busy with family and work, having no time to remove junk from their backyards. With ScrapyMotors, you can get easy and quick services anywhere in Ontario. They save your time and effort. Life gets better when you get rid of the trash.

Recycling car:

Your car is doing nothing sitting idle in your junkyard. By selling them to ScrapyMotors, you pay a debt of nature. All car parts are nearly recyclable and reused at places. If your car is really damaged, with little or no margin for improvement, chances are that your car buyers would recycle them. From your tires to the steering wheel, everything is reusable. It is the best possible way to handle a junk car.


It is normal to think about authenticity, especially when they have so much to offer. ScrapyMotors provide complete paperwork while buying your junk car. They are also trusted for providing the best quote.

Nationwide service:

It doesn’t matter if you live in Ontario or some other state. ScrapyMotors can reach you anywhere and everywhere. The process remains the same in every part of the country. So, you can remove that wrecked car with just one phone call. The best part is that our employees abide by proper SOPs. All of this to make your Junk Car Selling experience worth the energy.

We are aware of every situation. As a buyer, we follow proper protocol while buying your car. We can buy all types of junk cars and give you the best money for them. You can contact us now, and get rid of that junk car in a matter of days.