Sell your used car

FAQs about selling your USED CAR

Looking for a way to get rid of an old vehicle? You may require answers to a number of questions before proceeding with the alternatives. Before contacting Wrecking Yard, here are the answers to a number of frequently asked questions.

1. What do I need to know when selling a used car?

If you want to sell a vehicle to the junkyard, you might not know where to start. We can help you ensure that you’re ready for a quick and seamless sale at the best possible price. When selling a used car, you need to take the following steps:

  • Whether you want to trade it in or sell it privately is up to you.
  • Calculate the value and price of your car.
  • Make sure your car is ready to sell.
  • Put your car on the market.
  • Understand what to expect from a buyer’s inquiries.
  • It’s best to haggle over the price.
  • Finish the transaction.

2. What paperwork is needed to sell a car?

Fill out a liability release form and submit it to the DMV with your current mileage. Provide maintenance records to the new owner (if available). If you’re selling something remotely, you can get paid in cash, by cashier’s check, or through an escrow service. Remove the license plates off the car (if required by your state).

3. Can a car be sold as is in Ontario?

If you decide to sell your car “as is,” be straightforward and honest about its current state. Make it clear in the advertisement that the vehicle is being offered “as is.” Make it clear on the bill of sale that the vehicle is being sold “as is.”

4. What can impact my used car value?

A car’s worth is determined by several aspects, including its history, mileage, and condition. Because accident history has an impact on auto value, make sure you’re aware of everything that’s happened in the vehicle’s lifetime and that you’re honest with the buyer about it.

Did you know that 61% of customers are willing to consider a car that has been in an accident? Being open and honest with the Car buyer in Ontario will help you create trust and offer them the tools they need to ensure any harm has been properly fixed.

5. How Scammers Fake Payments

Cash may appear to be the safest payment method at first glance, but what if the bills are counterfeit? Do you really want to be handed a large wad of cash on the street? Although cash is king, it isn’t always the best option when selling your automobile privately.

Personal checks are treated the same way. What if you try to cash or deposit the cheque, and it bounces? You’re out of luck if you let the buyer take the car in exchange for the check. What about a bank’s cashier’s check? Isn’t that a safe bet? It’s surprising how simple it is to forge a cashier’s check, leaving you without a car and no money. Even though it may feel as you have run out of options, there are still ways to earn money from a junk vehicle in a secure manner.

Bottom line

Your mind may still have various questions that might only be answered by a professional Canadian scrap car removal company. Get in touch with the team of Scrapy Motors and before you avail of their Towing services in Ontario, ask them as many questions as you need to be sure.

Sell Used or unwanted Cars in Ontario

Best Ways To Sell Unwanted Cars in Ontario

If you are planning on selling your car, you might be looking to replace it with a new car or just some cash for the junk cars. Apart from the fundamentals, such as getting your documents in order and having your vehicle cleaned and inspected, you’ll need to figure out how to sell it?

Do you want to work with a professional dealer or desire a quick and easy sale with an instant buyer? Do you have time to search for a private buyer? These are the kinds of things you’ll need to think about because there are various types of buyers. Let’s look at them more closely.

If you are also asking all the above questions, let us help you understand how to sell your Unwanted vehicles and get good cash for accidental vehicles.

Top ways to sell your car in Ontario

1. Sell your car privately

Selling your automobile yourself, whether through a listed website or to a buyer you meet personally, is a conventional method, but is it the best?

If you want to get the greatest price for your car, selling it privately may be the way to go. Although it can be time-consuming, it benefits you if you can pull it off to obtain more money.

2. Sell your car to the dealer

Selling your automobile to a dealer might be a simple option, especially if the suitable dealer is close by.

You must, however, ensure that you find the proper one. Some franchised dealerships will buy automobiles of all makes, but if they are not of the same brand, they will not offer you the greatest price because they are unlikely to retail it directly.

Bring your best game to the bargaining table. Dealers are in it to make a profit, which isn’t exactly the worst thing in the world, but it does mean they know all the ins and outs of the business.

This means they will hunt for defects in your vehicle to lower the price. To receive a fair bargain, you’ll need to know how much your automobile is worth. There will almost certainly be some haggling.

3. Sell it to the Scrap

Who is going to buy my car? You can be certain that a scrap yard or scrap buyer will. Of course, depending on the condition of your vehicle, the solutions listed above may not be appropriate for you.

What documents do you need to sell a car?

  • Used Vehicle Information Package (UVIP)

The seller must provide the buyer with a Used Vehicle Information Package (UVIP). The package consists of automobile information (year, brand, model, color, style of body, cylinders, and power), car registration history in Ontario, car lien information, information on retail sales taxes, car condition, bill of sale, etc.

  • Safety Certificate

A Safety Certificate is necessary to transfer ownership when selling a used car privately in Ontario. To guarantee that your vehicle is safe to run, the safety check must be performed by a repair shop that is registered with the Ministry of Transportation. It can cost between $70-$150, and the certificate is valid for 36 days if no repairs are needed.

Bottom Line

So, whether you choose to Get rid of unwanted cars privately or wish to sell them to the junkyard or dealership, you need to follow the process and have your documents ready. Besides, know the right value of your car. Moreover, all the ways have their perks, and you have to choose the suitable one for you. Right now, to earn money by selling old cars, Scrapy Motors is a reputable company to help you Remove unwanted vehicles in Ontario anytime.

Scrap car pickup service

Signs You Need to Look For Scrap Car Pickup Service

Selling a junk car is always about letting go. Yes, it may sound cliché, but once the car has given you many memories with family and friends, it is now sitting in your garage as junk. So, you need to get rid of the car. Now, there can be many things holding you back from finding a car Towing service in Ontario. We understand that you have memories of the car, and it is still your favorite, but you have to accept that it is old, rusty, and not as powerful as modern cars. If the confusion persists, we can help you with the signs that make it obvious that you need to look for scrap car pickup services.

Time for a new car

It may be painful to consider selling the car you enjoy, but you’re thinking of getting a new automobile after 10 years. Nothing may be wrong with your car right now. The brakes have been changed, and the transmission is in fine working order, even though it has over 100,000 kilometers on it.

Not all junk vehicles are beaten-up, broken-down automobiles. If you’re looking for a car and discover that a dealer is selling a vehicle with attractive or beneficial incentives, junking your car could be a wise decision. With some car dealers offering free basic maintenance and other special deals, junking your car could save you money on your next vehicle. So, start working on Damaged vehicle removal now.

The car is now demanding more money for repairs

Is the expense of repairs greater than the value of your Junker? Mileage comes with wear and tear, and if your auto repair expenditures are mounting, it’s time to get rid of it. Due to frequent problems, your transmission and engine, in particular, might cost a lot of money.

A fractured engine block, a faulty transmission, or a blown head gasket are all inexpensive repairs. A substantial repair could be worth more than the vehicle itself. You will wind up with a broken car if you are not financially prepared. Therefore, the wise decision is to find an Instant car removal service and get rid of the car that is not worth the money now.

There is not a sale value of your junk car in the market

If no one or no dealership is interested in buying your car, you may have little choice but to junk it. You don’t have to be concerned. Scrapy Motors provides fair prices on all used and trash vehicles. Call right now for a free estimate by a reputable auto recycling company.

Bottom line

So, instead of making your garage a junkyard, time to find out the ways to get the cash for cars in Ontario. All you need is to get the Auto wreckers in Ontario and find the best value for scrap vehicles. So, this is where Scrapy Motors come into view and Buy junk from people who want to get rid of them.

get rid of your damaged car in Ontario

What To Expect From a Junk Car Buyer?

The idea of a car dealer is great… until you are dumped in the middle of the road. So, what do you do now? Get yourself in touch with a junk car buyer. A junk car buyer is a service provider who is going to buy your wrecked or damaged car… without extra charges. So what can you exactly expect from a junk car buyer?


Easy to contact

There are many portals online that offer to sell junk cars, but they have a huge list of documents that are required just to reach the representatives. not with junk car buyers, they have the best and the easiest service in the whole of Ontario.

It is as easy as it should be. You have to call the representatives (the number is provided on the website) and you ask them to come to your place and help you get rid of your damaged car… that’s it!



It is one of the most important factors that is often overlooked when it comes to selling stuff, especially junk vehicles. It is obligatory for a junk car buyer to attend the call from the customer and arrive at the place at the fixed time without letting them wait because all the provided is easy selling from home.

The process is simple: you call their representatives, they proceed with all the protocol and they send a team to your house to monitor your junk car, and provide a quote for your car.


Phenomenal prices

Never let this thought come to your mind that if a junk car buyer is offering such exceptional service then they must be providing low prices. Not at all the prices provided by the junk car buyers are the same as the market price. It also depends on the condition, usability, and size of the vehicle.

As junk car buyers buy your damaged vehicle or old truck; the prices could vary from vehicle-to-vehicle but there will be one thing in common: the prices will be great and will be better than a car dealer’s price.


No paperwork required

This is certainly not possible in Ontario to sell a car without any paperwork. But with junk car buyers, you will be free from the hustle of collecting papers from different places to sell your stuff. Which is a great indicator that makes junk car buyers the best option to sell your wrecked cars.


So, what do you have to do when you have to do nothing?

A junk car buyer is a great service provider. So, you expect ease of use, discipline, no paperwork, and great prices from them. But above everything, there is a sense of trust amongst the people of Ontario when it comes to junk car buyers. The service providers are extremely humble and their motive is to help every house get rid of their old cars… so they can buy new vehicles. In the next few years, you will find more new cars in Ontario than there were ever before…