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Benefits of Scrap Car Removal in Ontario

Do you want to remove a scrap car from your backyard, and no one wants to buy it? No worries, scrap car buyers come to the rescue!

Scrap car buyers are quick and easy. They come to inspect your car, complete the paperwork, propose a quote, and buy the car. It’s so simple that most of the people in Ontario are selling their junk cars to them. There are many reasons why scrap car removal is loved in Brampton and Mississauga.

What are the scrap cars?

The cars that you brought in the late 90’s, that are no longer used or a car with which you met an accident and is now wrecked badly falls into the category of scrap cars. They are no longer useful, could be in worse condition but still can be brought by a group of car buyers.

But, why should you sell your scrap car? The question is why shouldn’t you? There are loads of benefits for scrap car removal.

Instant cash:

It is true that this amount of cash won’t make you the richest man in Ontario, but it can do the job. You are literally making cash out of trash. Get rid of the car without any hassle, and get some instant cash. Some junk car buyers avoid buying big trucks, but we buy every kind of car, truck, or vehicle. Instant cash, that too hassle-free, is surely what is rare to find.

Easy selling:

Most people are busy with family and work, having no time to remove junk from their backyards. With ScrapyMotors, you can get easy and quick services anywhere in Ontario. They save your time and effort. Life gets better when you get rid of the trash.

Recycling car:

Your car is doing nothing sitting idle in your junkyard. By selling them to ScrapyMotors, you pay a debt of nature. All car parts are nearly recyclable and reused at places. If your car is really damaged, with little or no margin for improvement, chances are that your car buyers would recycle them. From your tires to the steering wheel, everything is reusable. It is the best possible way to handle a junk car.


It is normal to think about authenticity, especially when they have so much to offer. ScrapyMotors provide complete paperwork while buying your junk car. They are also trusted for providing the best quote.

Nationwide service:

It doesn’t matter if you live in Ontario or some other state. ScrapyMotors can reach you anywhere and everywhere. The process remains the same in every part of the country. So, you can remove that wrecked car with just one phone call. The best part is that our employees abide by proper SOPs. All of this to make your Junk Car Selling experience worth the energy.

We are aware of every situation. As a buyer, we follow proper protocol while buying your car. We can buy all types of junk cars and give you the best money for them. You can contact us now, and get rid of that junk car in a matter of days.

Junk Car Buyers in Ontario

Free Your Space From Garage To Remove Junk Car

Do you know about Bella who had to sell her junk car and make some instant cash? Well, Bella loved the car she brought from her first salary 12 years ago. But, as time passed, the car got older. So, one fine day, Bella decided to sell her car. She gave several ads in newspapers and all, but she never got a positive response. Nobody wanted to buy her trash car. However, Bella found about Junk Car Buyers in Ontario who brought her car in less than 36 hours. She is now living happily with all the free space in her garage left after removing that junk car.

Do you also have a junk car? Be smart and sell it. I know you have feelings and emotions attached to it. But, to be honest, it is nothing more than a useless, space-consuming piece of trash.

ScrapyMotors will buy your car in a matter of minutes. The best part about the company is that they recycle cars. It is a positive step towards a sustainable mother Earth. Also, they are extremely quick.

You must be thinking of selling a car a time-consuming, and energy-draining task. But not with Junk Car Buyers. They make junk car removal easier than ever before.

You can remove that junk car in three easy steps.

  1. Call their representative to inform them about your car, brand, age, and condition. They will immediately reach back to you for more information.
  2. Scrap Car Buyers will arrive at your place to have a look at your vehicle and suggest the price. Once you both reach a concluding price, your car is all set to leave your space.
  3. After the necessary paperwork and signatures here and there. Their towing service will allow you to bid farewell to your old car. We know it could be an emotional moment, but it’s worth it.

It would be a difficult procedure for those people who are mentally attached to their old cars. But, ScrapyMotors will make better use of your wrecked car and it’s rusty parts.

So, if you live in Ontario, you can easily reach out to the nearest Junk Car Buyers. It is easy because Ontario is the hub of wrecked and old cars. But, it applies the same for the residents of Brampton, Mississauga, Milton, Caledon, and Orangeville. You can get them in other regions as well.

Be smart, be like Bella. You can get cash for junk cars and get rid of them at the same time. It is a win-win situation for you. Memories should be stored in hearts, not at the garages. Car towing service has become easier, and less hectic over time. The ultimate motto of ScrapyMotors is to remove junk cars from every garage. Reach out to the junk car buyers in your area and sell your car instantly. It is as easy as it sounds. Call now!

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Find Out How Much Your Scrap car is worth

If you have finally decided to sell your scrap car in Toronto for top dollar, you’d be wise to look for a reputable damaged car removal service in Ontario instead of choosing a local junkyard or auto wrecker to sell to. It has become widely known over the years that individual scrap car buyers and scrap yards in Toronto don’t pay the market value price for unwanted damaged vehicles and that the scrap car removal services in Toronto are your best chance to walk away with a lot more cash in your pockets – not to mention the pleasant experience and quality services these unwanted vehicle disposal services in Toronto provide.

Even when you are selling to a trusted and reliable scrap car pick up service in Toronto, it is a good measure to try and find out exactly how much your abandoned vehicle is worth. You can do this by obtaining an instant quote for your scrap car from multiple auto-recycling companies in Toronto to compare and analyze. But there’s a neat way to try and estimate the worth of your damaged vehicle yourself by considering the following variables;

Does your scrap vehicle run?

The first thing every prospective scrap car seller must consider is whether or not their old damaged vehicle still runs or not. Whenever a damaged car buyer in Toronto is approached with the prospect of making a sale, they usually categorize the junk vehicle into two distinct groups, which are operational and non-operational. You would be considered lucky if your old abandoned vehicle still runs because you stand a better chance at finding yourself on the receiving end on a significantly more profitable transaction.

How old is your junk car?

This is a very important factor that plays a huge part in how much the scrap car disposal service in Toronto ends up paying you. Since auto-recyclers in Toronto salvage a lot of the working parts of the scrap vehicle they buy in Toronto, they pay significantly more for scrap cars that are a relatively newer model since they are in demand in the Toronto spare parts for cash industry. Also, if the spare parts are too old and too rusty, they will be considered scrap and won’t be sold.

What is the condition of your unwanted vehicle?

This one is probably the most obvious factor in this list. If the junk car you are selling or badly damaged or left abandoned for years being exposed to the elements and collecting rust, chances are that you won’t be able to make as much in the Toronto cash for scrap cars industry as you would have if your car was in a better condition.

What is the make and model of your dead car?

Just like the tech market, there are certain things that are in more demand than the others in the Toronto scrap car industry. If the car you’re selling is of a particular make and model that is more in demand, its spare parts will attract a mighty good price for scrap cars in Toronto.

Scrap Yard to pick up your cars

4 Things You should Expect From Canadian Scrap Car Buyers

You’ve probably had enough of the old dead car sitting in your garage that you no longer use. At a certain point, all scrap car owners decide to sell off their unwanted vehicle in Toronto but aren’t exactly sure how to go about it. Sure, there are multiple channels and even online platforms where one can go about trying to look for a scrap car buyer in Toronto who’s willing to take the damaged automobile off your hands – but selling junk vehicles in Toronto for top cash isn’t as hard as it may seem.

There are 2 main factors to consider before selling scrap cars in Toronto to any auto-recycler or auto-wrecker; who can provide the most convenient services and whether they are willing to pay top cash for scrap cars in Toronto. For the most pleasant and profitable experience, it would be wise to sell your scrap car for top cash to a scrap car removal company in Toronto. If you’re wondering why you shouldn’t instead of doing business with the local junkyards in Toronto or the auto wreckers around the corner, it’s because you are almost certainly guaranteed to make more money by selling to a licensed junk car disposal service in Toronto. Also, they are a lot more organized and understand the benefits of good customer service.


This is one slight catch; there are so many junk car removal services in Toronto that it’s hard to pick out one that will not just provide the best service and a good price for your accidental car in Toronto. Everyone claims to be the best, after all. We understand how difficult it might be to find a scrap automobile removal company in Toronto that offers quality services and good money, so here are the top 4 things you should look for while picking out a junk car removal agency in Toronto.


1- Scrap Car Removal in Toronto should be punctual

When dealing with a scrap car removal company, make sure to check whether they are operating professionally or not. You can do that by seeing how quickly they reply to your emails, your calls and by keeping an eye on the clock to see if they stick to the appointment schedule and provide swift damaged car pick-up services in Toronto.

2- Junk car removal company in Toronto should be respectful

Take this as a general rule of life because it applies to everyone you meet in your lifetime. Make sure that you are being treated respectfully and pleasantly while doing business with reliable scrap car removal companies in Toronto.

3- Scrap car pick up in Toronto be flexible

You should be able to set the appointment and junk vehicle pick up time according to your schedule and convenience. If a junk car pick up service in Toronto is being too rigid and stubborn, find another scrap car buyer in Toronto.

4- They should provide same day scrap car pick up service in Toronto

Consider this the most important tip that you’ve read today. Before even considering any junk car pick up service in Toronto, make sure that they are offering an instant online quote for scrap cars and also ask if they provide free towing in Toronto within the same day.

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Tips To Earn Money By Selling Used Car

Are you interested in finally getting rid of the old junk car in Ontario sitting in your garage to clear up some space and make money while you’re at it? If you look close enough, you can find the answer right there in the question. That’s right, selling scrap vehicles in Ontario for cash is a great way to make a quick buck. Here’s a handy tip – if you want to make sure that you get the best deal, don’t approach individual scrap car buyers in Ontario. Instead, look for a professional scrap car removal service in Ontario. Not only is it safer for scrap car sellers like you to do business with a legitimate and licensed auto-recycling company, privately operating damaged car buyers in Ontario simply cannot provide you with the kind of pleasant experience and the expert technical support that you could otherwise enjoy with a reputable unwanted vehicle disposal service in Ontario.

Also, you will definitely receive more cash for scrap cars with professional auto-wreckers in Ontario than you would with private accidental car buyers in Ontario. If you’re wondering, “How do I sell scrap cars for top dollar in Ontario”, read on.

Get multiple online quotes for scrap cars

Whenever you are ready to finally get rid of your old junk vehicle in Ontario, make sure to get an instant quote for your scrap car from not just one, but at least 5 different scrap car removal companies in Ontario. It is important that all scrap car sellers get an estimate of the actual worth of the vehicle so that they can end up finally getting rid of their unwanted vehicle in Ontario for top dollar in their pockets. This might seem a little hectic at first but now that most of the vehicle disposal services operate online and provide instant quotes, you can do this while sitting at home.

Always get free towing service in Ontario

When you are surfing online looking for a reliable auto-wrecker in Ontario, make sure you pick one that is offering free towing in Ontario. It isn’t surprising that most auto-recyclers in Ontario don’t charge their clients for towing, so keep a lookout for an auto-wrecker with free towing service.

Do some research on the market value of your junk car in Ontario

While this may seem like too much work for selling your scrap car for cash in Ontario, be assured that spending just 15 minutes online doing some research about the market value of your vehicle will certainly allow you to earn the kind of cash that it deserves. The worth of your scrap car depends on its make, model, year, and the condition it is currently in. All you have to do is head over to Google and utilize your basic researching skills to find out how much your unwanted junk car is worth in Ontario.

scrap your car in Ontario the right way

How To Scrap Your Car in Ontario The Right Way?

There comes a time in every old damaged car owner’s life when he or she starts considering selling their unwanted vehicle for cash in Ontario. In such cases, a person can visit all the local junkyards in Toronto to sniff out the best deal or simply contact a reputable scrap car removal service in Ontario. Of course, there is also a chance that you might end up selling to an independent scrap car buyer in Ontario who’s a car refurbishing enthusiast. Whichever way you decide to get rid of your junk car for cash in Toronto, There are a series of steps one must follow to make sure that the transaction is not only profitable but also safe and legal.

Since the idea of cash for scrap cars in Ontario is basically the sale and purchase of a vehicle, you can expect to make some signatures with legal implications as you are transferring the ownership of your abandoned vehicle to the scrap yard or auto-recycling company you sell your junk car to.

Continue reading to learn how to scrap your old car for cash in Ontario the right way;

Make sure all personal belongings are removed before you scrap your car

You don’t want the scrap car towing service to transport your accidental car all the way over to the junkyard in Ontario only to realize that you’ve forgotten your keys in the cupholder. Remember to check all compartments like the door pockets, glove box, armrest, and visor to make sure that you pick up everything.

Remember to remove the license plates

This step is really important, and also requires a little bit of hand tool skills. Open up the old toolbox and take out the trusty Phillips screwdriver to undo the 4 screws found around the edges of the plates. If you don’t own any tools at all, you can always wait for the tow truck to arrive. Tow truck drivers in Toronto are always well equipped and are mostly glad to help out with the scrap vehicle in any way they can.

Choose a licensed scrap yard in Ontario to sell your junk car

It’s crucial that you do business with auto-wreckers in Toronto who have all the necessary permits that auto-recyclers in Toronto need to operate their businesses. This way you can be sure of two things; licensed junk-yards in Ontario are obligated to strictly follow all eco-friendly and green laws of Canada to control pollution, so you can be sure that your scrap vehicle will be safely recycled. Secondly, legitimate scrap yards in Ontario also usually offer free towing in Ontario and The Greater Toronto Area.

Get quotes from more than one auto-recycling company in Toronto

This step is just a good measure to make sure that you are not being ripped off on the quote that received from a scrap car buyer in Toronto. You can make sure that you are being offered a reasonable and market-value price for scrapping your car in Ontario.

Electric cars in Canada

Should I Buy An Electric Car in Canada?

Many people all around the globe are seriously considering going green and electric for a number of reasons, let alone Canada. Take this for instance; a simple air-conditioning repair work on my run-of-the-mill gas-powered car cost upwards of $1,000 just last month. However, the biggest reason why Canadians are buying electric cars in Ontario now more than ever is because of the devastating long-term and irreversible damage the oil and gas industry is causing to the environment. The number of junkyards in Ontario and subsequently the mountains of scrap cars in Toronto emit all kinds of harmful substances and pollutants and contribute largely to the pollution in The Greater Toronto Region. But the question still remains; is it really a good idea to buy electric cars in Canada?

If anyone reading this is wondering about switching to an electric car, keep reading as we answer the most commonly asked questions about electric vehicles.

How much do electric cars cost in Canada?

Generally speaking, electric cars are slightly more expensive than gas-powered cars in Canada. You can expect to spend somewhere in the region of $30,000 to $40,000 when you go out shopping for an electric vehicle in Guelph, Milton, Orangeville, Mississauga, or Brampton. Don’t despair just yet, because you can save a bunch of money from these discounts and deals.

Are electric cars effectively eco-friendly?

The main reason why old damaged car owners in Canada consider purchasing an electric vehicle is to actively preserve the environment. But here’s something you probably didn’t know; even though electric cars have practically 0% tailpipe emissions, they are not exactly 100% green. The batteries on which these vehicles run are lithium-based, and the amount of energy that is required to manufacture these is considerably more than making gas-powered cars in Canada.

How far can I travel on a single charge in an electric car in Toronto?

Depending on the weather, terrain, and how you drive, it’s safe to assume that a regular electric vehicle in Ontario will get you as far as up to 150 km to 440 km. Considering the fact that an average person drives no more than 80 to 90 km a day, it seems perfect. The obvious drawback here is that electric cars are not suitable for long-distance drives due to the unavailability of fast-charging stations in remote areas.

Can electric vehicles drive in cold Canadian winters?

It can get pretty cold in the great white north, and you can expect your electric vehicles in Toronto to lose almost half of its battery range when the snow comes in. There is however always the option of warming up your car for an hour or so before driving off to work and making use of the many economical setting built into the system of the car.

Electric cars in Canada; should I sell my old car for cash in Canada and go electric?

Even though there are some glaringly obvious and hard-to-get-around drawbacks to purchasing electric vehicles in Canada, the overall economical and eco-friendly benefits of owning an electric car weigh considerably more.

auto-recycling companies in Toronto

How to spot a reliable Auto-Wrecker in Toronto?

Anybody who has ever tried to sell scrap cars in Toronto knows how exhausting the process of finding reliable scrap car buyers in Ontario is. There are too many factors to consider; will they pay top cash for scrap cars in Toronto? Will the damaged vehicle buyer tow my scrap car or will I have to go through the trouble of finding and hiring a professional towing service in Toronto myself? These questions might make you think that scrap car removal in Toronto is too daunting a task, but let us assure you that with the right knowledge and guidance, unwanted vehicle disposal in Milton, Mississauga, Kitchener, Brampton, Orangeville, Etobicoke and The Greater Toronto Region can actually turn out to be a pleasant experience altogether – not to mention considerably profitable.

Back in early 2009, the government of Canada launched a new experimental voluntary program called Retire Your Ride, which encouraged all motor vehicle owners in Canada to scrap their old, damaged, and unwanted vehicles that emit toxic and harmful substances and ultimately cause pollution. Since then, there has been a steady increase in the sale of dead vehicles for scrap all over Canada, and the cash for scrap cars business in Toronto generates millions of dollars in revenue alone. With such a rise in demand for the availability of auto-wreckers in Canada, the auto-recycling companies in Toronto had to find a way to adapt to make sure that the needs of scrap car sellers in Toronto are satisfied. It’s arguably difficult to make sure which accidental car buyers are worth doing business with today, but with these tips, you’ll know how to spot reliable auto wreckers and junkyards in Toronto.

1# Get a Quote for scrap cars Online

One of the more reputable and advanced scrap car buyers in Toronto has evolved to providing expert car appraisal services online, making sure that their clients don’t have to put in the extra effort of visiting scrap yard after scrap yard trying to get a price for their dead vehicle. So whenever you need a quote for your unwanted vehicle, search for scrap car removal services in Toronto that offer online services.

2# Free Towing in Toronto

Yes, you read that right. As hard it might be to believe, most of the top unwanted vehicle disposal services now offer free towing service in Toronto. This means one thing and one thing only – scrap car sellers don’t have to cough up any money to pay for any charges or hidden costs whatsoever. The next time you’re looking for someone to sell your damaged car in Toronto, look for an auto-wrecker that doesn’t charge for towing.

3# Eco-friendly and green

Canada is pretty serious about its eco-friendly laws and the preservation of the environment is not something to be joked about. Unfortunately, a lot of auto-recycling companies in Toronto don’t take it seriously enough. If you happen to find a scrap car removal service that will tow and recycle your scrap car in Toronto while following all the necessary green protocols, you’re in luck.

Junk car removal in Ontario

Scraping your car in Milton? Here’s a few tips

There is a lot of debate about when exactly can a car be considered ‘scrap’. Is it absolutely necessary for a car to be involved in a major accident for it to end up being sold for scrap? So before we get into it, it’s imperative that we first establish what constitutes as a ‘scrap car’.

Yes, the majority of cars that have sustained major damage in accidents do end up being traded in the scrap cars for cash business in Milton, but it’s not only accidental cars in Milton that are the only scrap cars. Automobiles that have crossed a certain age or run too many miles often start wearing out, and that eventually leads to the leakage of toxic, harmful substances that most definitely harm the environment and pollute the air. Repairs on cars like these are costly and quite honestly, of no use. Hence, old and damaged cars in Milton are usually sold to local scrap car buyers and auto-recyclers who tow your old car away to Milton junkyards.

Now, regardless of whether your automobile was in an intense car crash or if it has got way too many miles on it, once it is declared “scrap”, you are no longer allowed to drive it on the road. In other words, the law states that a car is considered road-illegal once it has been tagged as scrap or junk. In cases like these, the only options left are to either let the unwanted vehicle sit in the garage and collect rust or sell it to a scrap car buyer in Milton.

To sell your scrap car in Milton for top cash, you can go one or the other way. You can either do the legwork to find and sell your junk car to a junkyard or you could employ the services of a scrap car removal company in Milton. In any case, here are a few tips that will come in handy when you are disposing of a scrap vehicle in Milton;

1# Get Your Scrap Car De-registered

This is probably the most important tip for all people who wish to sell scrap cars for cash not just in Milton but everywhere. Before your car gets towed away to a scrapyard by any towing service in Milton, make sure that you have gotten it de-registered from all legal records.

2# Find a reliable buyer

Since you’re out to sell your scrap car for the money, it’s crucial that you find someone who’s willing to be the highest bidder. For all people who want to scrap their cars in Milton, regardless of what kind of car they want to sell, the best shot at snooping out the best deal is at the local junkyard or a reputable unwanted vehicle disposal company in Milton.

3# Negotiate

This one is probably a no-brainer, but still imperative. Start by quoting a higher price while haggling with the Milton junk car buyer and make your way to the desired price.

4# Uphold legal requirements

It’s important that you sell your damaged car in Milton to auto-wreckers who strictly adhere to the green, eco-friendly laws of the country and that your car does not contribute to polluting the environment.

Just follow these simple tips to make the most out of scrap vehicle removal in Milton.