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How to Clean Car Battery

A simple answer to this question would be to take your vehicle to the professional. But of course, if you were to do it, you wouldn’t be here for this particular article or any vehicle maintenance tips. So, what do you do for cleaning a car battery on your own?

We will get there, but first of all, you need to understand why it is important to clean the car battery?

If your car is struggling, you might think it is an engine problem. Before you draw any conclusion, try cleaning your battery. Sometimes dust particles can cause trouble too. Besides, cleaning your battery terminals might help your automobile battery last longer and perform better!

So, what steps can you follow to clean the battery?

For starters, disconnect the cables at all.

Step to clean battery terminals

Most likely, you’re dealing with a battery issue and thinking of replacing a car battery. Check your car battery for a flaky white or blue substance when you open the hood to inspect it. Because of the chemical nature of the battery, a material called corrosion builds on the battery terminals over time.

While a little amount is unlikely to cause injury, a large amount can disrupt electric current and cause headaches for drivers. Of course, attempting to remove corrosion without knowing how to do so safely is perilous. If you’re not confident in your ability to remove the corrosion on your own, seek assistance from a local mechanic. Otherwise, follow the steps outlined below.

1. Disconnect the battery cables

To begin, make sure your automobile is turned off for your safety. It’s advisable to turn off the battery because you’ll be touching it. After that, locate the battery and disconnect the terminals. To take them out, you’ll need a wrench. The negative terminal should be removed first, followed by the positive terminal.

2. Check for any damage to the battery

Examine your battery for signs of any damage; you probably have learned a lot about it by now through various car cleaning tips. While you’re in there, check your battery for bulging, cracking, or warping. These are signs of needing the replacement.

On the terminals and inside the cable clamps, a white substance can be found.

This is the trash that needs removing.

3. Gather your necessary tools

Sure, you can use the battery terminal cleaner. For a different way, you’ll need a toothbrush, water, baking soda, steel wool, cloth or towel to dry with, and petroleum jelly now.

Combine a small amount of water and some baking soda in a lid or small dish.

4. Clean corroded battery terminals

Apply the paste to the terminals and clamps using the toothbrush. Scrub vigorously until the white stuff is no longer visible. Steel wool can be used to help eliminate corrosion if necessary. To secure the greatest possible battery connection, pay special attention to the insides of the clamps.

5. Dry it off

Now, take the cloth or towel to dry it off completely and leave no moisturizer as it can be quite dangerous for the future.

6. Reconnect the battery

Petroleum jelly is another way to lubricate the clamps and terminals. This will help to avoid future car battery corrosion. As you reconnect the battery, start with the positive terminal and work your way to the negative.

Bottom line

The removal of corrosion on a car battery is a must-know maintenance task. Maintaining the cleanliness of your battery helps extend its life and improve its efficiency. As a result, equip yourself with all of the information you can; regarding tips for cleaning a car battery.

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