How To Clean Cup Holders In Car?

How To Clean Cup Holders In Car?

Cup holders for the car are often utilized for holding drinks and other things; they are susceptible to acquire stains, dirt, and spills. So, you should pay particular attention to them.

In this blog, we will dig deeper into how to clean a cup holder in the car and how to remove dirt from the vehicle. So, let’s start.

How To Eliminate Dirt And Crumbs From Cup Holders?

Getting rid of dirt and crumbs from the cup holders is very easy. Below are a few techniques that you can utilize depending on your inclination.

  • Vacuum

Using a shop vac to remove crumbs from the cup holders is an effective and straightforward approach. It won’t get them wholly clean, but it will eliminate the dirt and debris.

Remove any rubbish, coins, etc. that may be sitting in them. If your cup holders have rubber inserts or liners, remove them before using a vacuum.

After removing the trash and debris from them, clean out as much dust and crumbs as possible with a vacuum. Avoid rubbing the vacuum inlet inside the cup holders to prevent causing surface scratches.

  • Cleaning Slime

Cleaning slime is an excellent substitute technique for using a vacuum. This sticky gel-like substance will stick to and collect loose fragments and dirt.

It won’t eradicate sticky scum and oils, and dried spills. Spray the cup holder with a cleaner, and then use a detailing brush to scrub it to break down any reminder and adhered oils.

After scrubbing them, wipe them out with a cloth to absorb the cleaner and eradicate any residue from the inside.

How To Clean Sticky Cup Holder In Car?

Follow these methods for cleaning car cup holders.

  • Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaner is a remarkable tool for expert detailers. It works more effectively and swifter and needs slight to no scrubbing.

Hot steam will break down dried spills and sticky oils or dirt easily and fast.

You can then utilize a microfiber cloth to wipe out the clean car dashboard and cup holders to eliminate the collected dampness and marks.

  • All-Purpose Cleaner

Spray the cup holders with a foaming or liquid cleaner. Scrub the cup holders with a detailing brush to eliminate any remaining dirt, drink spills, etc.

Using a microfiber cloth, wipe away the all-purpose cleaner. Use the cloth to deep clean car areas that have not been wholly cleaned with the detailing brush.

Repeat the procedure if required to clean any spots that may have been missed.

  • Warm Water And Dish Soap

Using warm water and dish soap is another excellent way of car deep cleaning in Ontario, Canada.

You can dip a clean rag in the mild soap and water mixture, put soapy water in a bottle, and commence scrubbing the cup holder.

The water’s hotness, soap’s cleaning action, and scrubbing’s friction should eradicate stickiness and dirt very well.

You can use car interior cleaning products if there are stubborn stains.


Whether dealing with dirt, crumbs, or adhesiveness from spilled drinks, you are now equipped with the knowledge to make the car interior cleaning process easier and faster. Follow ScrapyMotors for more car cleaning tips.

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