Remove scratches from car mirror

How To Remove Scratches From Car Mirror?

A scratched vehicle mirror does not mean a ruined mirror. Although scratches are unpleasant, you can restore your mirror’s surface to its previous condition.

A scratched car windshield can obstruct a driver’s perceptibility and compromise commuters’ protection. So, removing scratches from the car mirror in Canada, is necessary, especially when the scratches are negligible.

If you have stubborn marks or your windows are flawed from wiper blades, we can aid you with tips and products to resolve these issues! Let’s find out how to fix the scratched mirror.

How To Fix A Car Mirror?

After determining the scratch’s severity, you will have to get some car mirror repair equipment. You can easily acquire most equipment if you have an automobile repair or parts shop near you.

  • Glass Repair Kit

You can purchase a glass repair kit online or at a car mirror accessories store nearby. It is an excellent option for repairing relatively deep scratches.

Apply the rubbing compound for scratches on cars. It has cerium oxide, which chemically counters with the mirror to cover the scratch and prevent it from intensifying.

It functions by making a cerium-oxygen-glass compound that can tie the scratch together. Allow it to dry for half an hour, and then clean the area with a soft rag.

  • Acrylic Car Scratch Remover

An acrylic car scratch remover is an excellent solution for small scratches. You can easily get it from any automotive parts shop.

It fills in scratches and chemically counters with glass to repair them. Apply a tiny amount of remover on a soft rag and rub it over the scratch for at least 60 seconds.

Then, allow it to sit for about 20-30 minutes. Clean the glass with a cloth and lightly clear up any residue damage.

  • Transparent Nail Polish

Transparent nail polish is the best vehicle scratch solution. It is easily available at shops, and you can utilize it for the lightest scratches.

Since it toughens as it dries, it functions efficiently for minor scratches. Apply a layer of clear nail polish on the scratch and remove the excess. Then, permit it to dry.

  • Non-Gel Toothpaste

If there are minor scratches on your vehicle’s mirror, you can take advantage of non-gel toothpaste. It works similarly to a grinding paste that takes away a little glass around the scuff, flattening the damaged spot.

Use a lint-free rag to dry the glass. Then, apply some non-gel toothpaste to a soft rag and rub it over the car mirror cover in a circular movement for 40 seconds. Clean it with a wet cloth and use a lint-free rag to dry the spot again.

  • Professional Assistance

If the scratch is too deep to fix at home or if you are uncertain about fixing it at home, it is advised to hire a car mirror glass replacement service. If the crack is deep, the windshield will be wholly replaced.

The experts will eliminate the trim (pieces grasping your windshield in place) and take off the windshield with big suction cups. Then, they will use suction cups to lower the new windshield and permit it to dry.


The above-mentioned DIY tips can temporarily fix stains but won’t fix large cracks. With these methods, you are able to eliminate scratches from the vehicle mirror.

Visibility through your side mirrors and rearview mirrors is very important to safe driving, so it’s helpful to know how to remove scratches from your car with something you can find at home. But, if there is major damage, then it is always good to have the scratched mirror professionally inspected. Sell your severely damaged car to Scrapy Motors and get instant cash.

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