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How Often Should You Wash Your Car?

Car cleaning can be a chore for some people, but some also take pleasure in washing it or cleaning it. If you are someone who enjoys washing, you might be questioning your obsession with washing it every 2 weeks.

Well, you are not wrong. This can be a basic rule. However, the answer to the question may also involve various factors. So, let’s see what factors you need to check before you schedule the routine for your car wash.

Factors to consider to know the best time to wash the car:

So, how often to wash the car?

The frequency of washing your car is not only about your obsession with your vehicle leaning but also depends on various other factors.

Frequency of driving the car

A simple rule you need to understand is the more miles you drive, the more you will need to clean your car.

If you are driving the highway or in many rural areas, your windshield and front grille will likely be covered in smashed bugs. You might need to wash or clean your vehicle every week.

Climate and temperature

Climate and air temperature are also significant factors. Snow and grit from the roadways can quickly erode and harm your paintwork in particularly cold climates. Here, you will need more frequent car washing in winter.

In highly hot regions, erosion can accelerate because pollutants’ compounds become more active in hot temperatures. So, in that case, you might still need to wash it every week.

Your location

It is also important to consider where you live and park your car. If it is parked on a busy road with a lot of traffic, it may pick up a load of dirt from the road. If you live near the water, your vehicle is almost certainly regularly covered in salt spray and debris.

Numerous other aspects can influence the vehicle’s cleanliness. As a result, you might want to start washing your vehicle more frequently.

If you have a question about washing a car in winter, you might consider the dirt your vehicle is gathering, which solely depends on your location.

How to wash the car – Just in 8 steps:

Well, you might be looking for car washing tips. No worries, if you follow the following steps, you are still good at washing your car independently.

  1. Fill two buckets with water and the soap, with dirt traps at the bottom.
  2. With the hose, rinse the car from top to bottom.
  3. Start washing the car from the top and work your way down the car with a lathered-up mitt.
  4. To avoid dry streaks and/or water stains, wash and rinse the automobile in quarters.
  5. Brush the wheels and then rinse them. Do this last since you don’t want brake dust, mud, or filth to get on your paint and ruin the enamel. If you wish to do them first, you can use a different brush or towel.
  6. Rinse the entire vehicle once again once all parts have been washed.
  7. Use a single towel to absorb most of the water in the automobile quickly.
  8. Dry the details with a second dry towel.

Well, if you are wondering how to clean car seats? Know that cleaning the seats is different. Depending on the covers, you might want to use different detergents and methods.

Bottom line

The most recommended option to wash the vehicle is every 2 weeks. However, if your conditions are unfavorable and the car demands more washing, you must do it every week. And if you don’t have time, you can always hire a professional for it.

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