Car Dashboard Symbol Meaning

What do Important Car Dashboard Symbols Mean?

When anything goes wrong with your car, you probably look at your car’s dashboard to get the signs. It is a common driver practice. However most of us may be regular drivers, but we often miss some of the most significant dashboard symbols. Whether you are new to driving or an old one, you must know about the symbols as they can save you from the trouble coming to you.

A signal travels through the electrical system and into the dashboard when a feature you should be aware of is triggered. A symbol on the dash is illuminated, covering many problems, some of which might be dangerous. Be sure to refer to your owner’s handbook because your dashboard can be different, and the symbols might have different patterns or denote slightly different things.

Important Warning Lights in the Car

Not all of the symbols on your dashboard correspond to warning lights. Some are related to mechanical problems, safety features (such as blind-spot monitoring and lane departure warnings), vehicle functions (like lights and cruise control), and engine temperature warnings.

Colors are important when it comes to warning gauges on the dashboard! Simply said, green or blue lights indicate that a system is on or in use. Generally speaking, orange or yellow warning lights indicate that your car needs maintenance or repairs soon.

The urgency of these warnings is lower than it would be if you had a red or flashing light.

A red light indicates that you need to move quickly! Some red dashboard lights are mechanical, while others are safety warnings (such as a seat belt reminder) (or the engine overheating).

Types of Car Dashboard Symbols:

Most automotive warning lights are common to all makes and models, making it simpler for any driver to recognize them. However, their placement on or near the dashboard can differ, so we still advise consulting your car’s manual to confirm their definitions.

In this blog, we’ll go through some of your automobile’s most prevalent and significant dashboard warning lights here.

  • Yellow Exclamation Mark on the Dashboard

It’s a warning that one of your tires’ recommended pressures has fallen below 75%. You just need to blow up the tire, and that’s an easy remedy. Instead, you can see a yellow exclamation point on your dashboard, which denotes a problem with your tires. Some vehicles have an orange exclamation mark, while others have one that is yellow.

  • A Red Circle with an Exclamation Mark on the Dashboard

This usually only implies that you left your parking brake engaged. If you’ve checked everything and the parking brake is engaged, your brake fluid level may be low.

  • Check Engine Light

Even if driving seems perfectly safe, you should have your car checked immediately if this warning glows. This is because it alerts you to a potential engine issue, which you should avoid at all costs.

  • Car with a Key Symbol on the Dashboard

When a vehicle displays the immobilizer/key symbol, it cannot identify its keys. It might occasionally activate as a result of different immobilizer system issues.

  • Flashing Car Symbol on the Dashboard

If this signal is flashing, a serious engine component is malfunctioning, necessitating rapid care. If a flashing check engine light is not fixed, serious vehicle damage or safety issues may arise.

  • Orange Car Symbol on the Dashboard

Dashboard warning lights in orange or yellow alert you to impending maintenance requirements like an oil change or an emissions system issue.

  • Oil Pressure Warning Light

An oil warning light is probably one of the most critical warning lights, which is why it is red. Oil pressure is produced by the oil pump, which circulates the engine oil and the volume of oil in the engine. A leak, a faulty pump, or too little (or too much) oil could damage the engine and need costly repairs or even a write-off.

  • Tire Pressure Warning Light

Generally, a tire pressure warning light indicates low air pressure in one or more tires. A malfunctioning or miscalibrated tire pressure sensor is another potential culprit. This light resembles the center third of a circle with an exclamation point. Unfortunately, if you’re driving on significantly under or overinflated tires, things could turn ugly.

Bottom line

You might understand most car dashboard symbols and meanings. However, you may still miss a few. We cannot cover all of them here. So, check the manual for sure.

Some of the car dashboard warning lights are just indications, but some symbol lights are serious.

If the warning is serious, stop driving. Instead of risking driving, you must call a nearby mechanic to help you with the car towing. Once your car gets a thorough inspection, you must rethink the value of your vehicle. Sometimes, the problems occur frequently because you are driving crap. So, to get rid of a scrap car, you must call Scrapy Motors in Ontario, Canada, to offer the right value for your car.

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