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An Ultimate Guide – Who Makes Mini Cooper Cars

Mini cooper’s electric car is one of the most iconic cars everyone loves, regardless of age. These fun-looking cars come with loads of personality.

But the question is, who makes mini cooper cars, and is it a German or British car? You might have conjectured that Mini is a British company as you might have viewed it with a Union Jack Flag.

Yes, the auto manufacturer has British origins, but currently, it is owned by a German automaker, BMW. BMW Group produces Mini Cooper models in two plants, one in the Netherlands and another in England.

BMW bought the Mini Company in 2000. Mini’s brand identity is still British. You can notice it when Mini is advertised in print advertisements or on television.

V8 Mini Cooper is a distinctive car but does not share many components with other BMW models.

History of Mini

The name Mini was initially utilized on Austin Mini and Morris Mini, identical cars with diverse branding.

After World War 2, the fuel rates were shooting up, and Mini became the most sought-after automobile due to its lowest running cost.

Both companies, Morris and Austin, were possessed by British Leyland. With this model’s success, the mini cooper automatic transmission became a brand in 1969.

Resources of both brands combined to become the marque: Mini. Mini remained popular for several years. In 1996, the brand released a new generation of Mini, which was in the making till 2000.

BMW Group had already bought the Mini Company from Rover Group in 1996. In 1986, British Leyland was retitled Rover Group.

The German automaker saw potential in Mini and allocated engineers to develop a next-generation Mini. 2001 Mini, which was manufactured under BMW, was a major step up in technology.

Over time, BMW has expanded its assortment of models and included diverse body styles like Clubman, Convertible, and Countryman.

Now, you can have a 2-door, 4-door, convertible, or a crossover mini in diesel or petrol engine option. The research and manufacturing of Mini happen at BMW’s head office in Munich, Germany.

Are Mini Coopers Good Cars?

People love Mini Cooper for its unparalleled driving dynamics, personality, and fun style. But, are Minis good cars?

It has a long history of dependability problems, especially in the 2006-2012 models. The potential problems were chiefly related to suspension, electrical systems, engine, and driving systems.

According to consumer reports, the 2006 to 2012 models received the lowest dependability rating. Also, the mini cooper accessories and repairs are very costly in Ontario, Canada.

So, if you are planning to purchase used cars in the Canadian market, avoid buying a car from the 2006-2012 period as it could be risky.


Mini cooper cars are trendy automobiles with a distinctive, attention-grabbing style.

Since they come with complex designs and good performances, they are one of the best compact cars that folks prefer.

If you are seeking a car that is fun and exciting to drive, Mini is worth looking at. Follow Scrapy Motors for Car tips and used car parts in Canada. And if you want to switch from your current car to a Mini cooper, sell your junk car to Scrapy Motors at good prices.

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