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Scrap Car Buyers Versus Car Dealers – what is better?

Change is the only thing consistent in your life. And it’s high time that you should change your car now! But what if it is really an old or damaged car? Who would buy an old and damaged vehicle? Scrapy Motors are the best option and in all means better than a car dealer. We have compared both of them below.

But, how is a ScrapyMotors better than car dealers?

There are various benefits of selling a wrecked car to us.


With Scrapymotors, you get rid of an old car almost immediately. However, a car dealer is slow in terms of services. Most sellers complain of poor customer service from car dealers, and their employees to be plain RUDE. However, we ensure that Junk Car Buyers have the friendliest of employees, and try to make our customers happy.


You might have to compromise on the price while selling your car to a car dealer. But with a junk car buyer, we make sure you get the BEST prices for your car, sometimes they are even more than your car’s worth.

Ease of use:

Can you wrap up the selling process in less than a week with a car dealer? Nay! But, you can certainly do it with the junk car buyers. Our employees are fast and caring. We care about your time and money. What an easy way to sell your wrecked car!

Can Junk Car Buyers pick up my car from my garage?

Anytime! All you have to do is to call us on our contact number, register yourself, inform us about your car, and share your address with us. We will be there in a matter of days.

Does Scrapy Motors buy trucks?

Do you own one? If you can buy a truck, why can’t we? We love to have trucks in our junkyard. Also, you don’t have to worry about towing service, because we will provide you that too.

And will Scrapy motors buy my green car?

No one wants in Ontario to buy your dark green colored car? Don’t worry, we, your junk car buyers in Ontario will buy it from you.

What is the best part about Scrapy motors?

We are UNBIASED who buy junk cars without being heedful about their color, brand, size, and condition. We would happily buy a small wrecked car, and would also give a towing service to your giant truck.

So, whenever anyone speaks of buying a new car but not being able to sell their old, poor and wrecked car, you tell them about us. We are all up for buying trucks and uncommon colored cars, without judging any of them.

Scrapy motors are the best Junk Car Buyers who will buy it. You can find us in Hampton, Mississauga, Milton, and almost every other city. Yes, we buy wrecked, damaged, or even the oldest of cars. But, we also love to have a new car too. Someday, maybe! Consult with our customer service provider to sell your car today.

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