If you have been searching for the best automotive services in Brampton, you’ve come to the right place. Scrapy Motors is ranked among the top-rated junk car buyers in Ontario and is by far the most reliable and successful Brampton car removal service. We operate exclusively in the scrap car removal business and by doing so for many years, we have gained all the knowledge and skills required to be able to give our clients the best-unwanted vehicle removal service for all kinds of junk cars in Brampton after paying our clients the kind of cash in a profitable transaction that their car is actually worth in the market.

Scrapy Motors is a group of dedicated and qualified individuals with a common passion for the automotive industry. Each member of our team has been rigorously trained in the field over many years and their only priority is to pay you top cash for your scrap car, pick up your scrap vehicle conveniently and charge you absolutely nothing.

Unlike the majority of automotive companies in Brampton, Scrapy Motors is altogether an eco-friendly company that operates using only the latest and green equipment and technology. Our motivated team of skilled technicians and hard-working customer service representatives focus on their quality of work to maintain our reputation as the top scrap car buyer in Brampton.

Top Cash for Scrap Cars in Brampton with Scrapy Motors

Many scrap car sellers in Brampton do not realize the true worth of their unwanted damaged vehicles due to a lack of market awareness and technical knowledge, and the majority of auto wreckers in Brampton never fail to take advantage of their clients by paying them less than they actually deserved. With Scrapy Motors, you can rest assured that your junk car will be expertly appraised and that you will be given an offer that truly reflects the actual market price of your scrap car.

Junk car removal in Ontario

Will Scrapy Motors Buy My Scrap Car in Brampton?

Let us assure you that Scrapy Motors deals with all kinds of vehicles in the Brampton area regardless of their make, model, year, or condition. All you need to do is get in touch with us regarding the details of your unwanted car, after which our team of professionals will give you a quote for your scrap vehicle, pay you the agreed amount and tow your car away to the Brampton scrap yard.

Free Towing Service in Brampton

It’s not easy finding a scrap car buyer that will also provide a decent car removal service in Brampton – and even if you manage to find one, they will probably also charge you through the roof for the towing. With Scrapy Motors by your side, you will never have to worry about the towing service, because we not only pay top dollar for scrap cars but also provide a free towing service for your scrap car in Brampton. Scrapy Motors provides its service completely free of charge and hidden costs; there’s no other way to put it. If you choose Scrapy Motors for the removal of scrap vehicles in Brampton, you are the one who is going to be walking away with all the money.


Dial-up and tell us the required details about your car. Regardless of the car's location and condition, we will tow it away at any hour appointed by you. Our services start as soon as we receive your call.

Once you make a call to us and decide that it is time to get rid of that old car lying in your garage for years, our team will arrive at your doorstep at the appointed time to tow your vehicle in a professional tow truck.
After the vehicle has been towed, it will be recycled in an eco-friendly way. We will first remove any reusable or recyclable parts such as the tires and the battery, drain the fluids, and crush the vehicle. In case the car is in good condition, we make sure to use it to its full potential.
After the vehicle has been towed, it is then transferred to our storage depot for depollution. It is a process that constitutes removing all liquids such as oil/ fuel/ brake fluid, etc., from the vehicle, removing the tyres, battery, any other non-metallic or hazardous parts. The process is a crucial step to prepare the car for the scrap metal recycling process.

Once the process of depollution gets concluded, the vehicle is recycled in an eco-friendly way. The car is crushed at an approved car recycling plant to make it suitable for recycling.



Your scrap car is collected punctually and at a time convenient to you




Scrap Car Prices are high and we at 'Scrappy Motors’ are offering the best scrap car prices available