Scrap Your Vehicles with Scrapy Motors

Are you searching for a hassle-free way to sell that rusted car in your garage? Are you done with all the time consuming, fruitless visits to scrap yard after scrap yard? Wondering whether there’s a reliable auto recycling company in Caledon, Ontario that’s worth its salt? Be assured that there’s definitely a better way to sell your junk car; and you can do it today.

Scrapy Motors is the solution to all your junk car removal problems. If you want to sell and dispose off any scrap sedans, scrap SUVs, scrap vans, or scrap trucks that are situated in Caledon, Scrapy Motors will not only pay you top dollar for unwanted vehicles but also tow away your scrap car to the local scrapyard completely free of cost.

That’s right; unlike any other scrap car buyers in Caledon we do not charge our clients any towing service charges, it is completely free. If you choose to do business with us, we will be paying you - not the other way around.  

Top Cash for Your Scrap Car in Caledon

Many of the scrap car removal services in Caledon don’t pay the actual market value to scrap car sellers by taking advantage of their understandable albeit loss incurring lack of the current market know-how. Scrapy Motors guarantees that your old junk car in Caledon will be fairly and generously appraised prior to offering you an offer too attractive to refuse.

The Scrapy Motors team is a group of dedicated and experienced professionals who have been trained over many years in the field and have acquired intimate knowledge regarding every kind of scrap Automotives that we deal with regularly, and with their skills, they can give a quote for your car with an offer that your unwanted vehicle truly deserves.

From Your Garage to the Junk Yard in Caledon – Free Towing

Scrapy Motors firmly believes in not only paying top dollar to people who want to sell scrap cars but also in providing the best scrap car removal service in Caledon available today. The best part? Not only do we strive to give scrap car sellers in Caledon a pleasant junk car disposal experience, we also do it completely free of charge. None of our clients, regardless of the kind of scrap vehicle they want to dispose of, are liable to pay for any towing charges, and all of their costs are covered on our end. Before you ask; no, there are no hidden fees or any kind of loopholes to make you cough up any cash.

Instant Quote for Your Scrap Car - Get it Today

To obtain a quote, all that is required from you are the details of your scrap vehicle – and that’s it. Our team will take care of everything else. Once you have contacted us and provided all the necessary information, our team will appraise your unwanted car in Caledon and extend an offer that reflects it’s true worth. Once the price is agreed upon, our team will be dispatched to your location with the cash and one of our tow trucks for your car to be expertly transported to the automotive recyclers’ yard in Caledon.


Dial-up and tell us the required details about your car. Regardless of the car's location and condition, we will tow it away at any hour appointed by you. Our services start as soon as we receive your call.

Once you make a call to us and decide that it is time to get rid of that old car lying in your garage for years, our team will arrive at your doorstep at the appointed time to tow your vehicle in a professional tow truck.
After the vehicle has been towed, it will be recycled in an eco-friendly way. We will first remove any reusable or recyclable parts such as the tires and the battery, drain the fluids, and crush the vehicle. In case the car is in good condition, we make sure to use it to its full potential.
After the vehicle has been towed, it is then transferred to our storage depot for depollution. It is a process that constitutes removing all liquids such as oil/ fuel/ brake fluid, etc., from the vehicle, removing the tyres, battery, any other non-metallic or hazardous parts. The process is a crucial step to prepare the car for the scrap metal recycling process.

Once the process of depollution gets concluded, the vehicle is recycled in an eco-friendly way. The car is crushed at an approved car recycling plant to make it suitable for recycling.




Scrap Car Prices are high and we at 'Scrapy Motors' are offering the best scrap car prices available