How To Start A Car Without Chip Key?

How To Start A Car Without Chip Key?

A chip key is one of the essential equipment pieces pertaining to car security. Thereby, even if you copy your transponder key bypass at a local locksmith, you will not be able to start your automobile with the new key.

If your key fob does not have remote lock features, there is still a small chip within the key. The transponder within the key is an anti-theft measure by car makers.

It adds an extra layer of plastic that acts as an added layer of anti-theft protection. Unluckily, there is no authentic method to start a vehicle without a chip key.

However, if you aspire to utilize various keys for one automobile with one chip, there is an approach to getting them all to operate. In today’s blog, we will discuss what a chip key is and how to turn the ignition without a key in Canada.

What is Chip Key?

It is an extremely prevalent anti-theft key with a chip embedded inside the plastic sleeve. Vehicle safety comes in many layers. One of those layers comprises the transponder key that you carry.

It is difficult to remove the chip from the plastic cover. It also makes the key seem appealing. The easiest method to steal a vehicle key is to utilize the real key and duplicate it.

To inhibit copies from being able to start cars, auto manufacturers presented transponder chips.

Without a chip on your key, the engine will not start because the chip is not there to emit the radio frequency identification that your automobile needs.

Newer vehicles check for this distinct RFID when you insert the key into the lock. The tiny chip within the key emits a faint signal that can only be registered in the lock’s immediate proximity.

If your vehicle has a chip key, a thief only has the option to steal your car key replacement, as that will be the only method they can drive away.

How To Start A Car Without The Key?

Here are a few techniques to start a car without a key. Nevertheless, remember that these ways are illegal. Plus, you should notify your neighbors in advance if you, by chance, trip the alarm.

  • Utilize A Drill And Screwdriver

The fastest approach to starting a car without a key is to take advantage of a drill and screwdriver.

This technique is highly suitable if you wish to disable to steering wheel lock system. Be cautious when following the steps below to avert ignition system impairment.

  • Make a hole using the drill into the keyhole, beginning with inner flaps.
  • Depending on your automobile’s make and model, you may need to make a 2-3 inches deep hole. This will damage the pins and other bits in your locking system. Some metal pieces will come with the drill when you pull it out.
  • Take a screwdriver and put it into the hole that you made.
  • Use it to turn your car’s ignition switch. Assuming you did not impair the ignition switch, you can start your car without trouble.
  • Hotwiring

If you are in an emergency, you can use the hotwiring method. Here are the steps:

  • Eliminate the plastic casing over the steering column to access the wires attached to the ignition system.
  • Wear thick gloves because you will be dealing with hot wires.
  • Now, look for red wires; they are generally tapped into the battery. Yellow or brown wires are for ignition.
  • Cut the red and yellow or brown wires and take off some insulation. Connect the wires’ ends to activate the starter mode and get your engine running.


By following these methods, you can easily start your car without a chip key. And if you aspire to earn money by selling your junk car, contact Scrapy Motors today.

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